Oh, you foul little organ.
How I loath you
and yet love you
all the same.
My Jesus,
my Judas;
my savior
and my betrayer.
You have brought tears
and screams
with your vitiligo covered length,
bathed in blood
and innocent flesh.
You have brought life
into this world
and have caused me
to wish for death.
So many moments we have shared,
me taking you into my hand
so that you can bring us to climax,
you growing limp
from exhaustion
and satisfaction.
My constant flaccid companion,
always ready to
stand at attention
(except for those few times,
but they weren’t your fault
I blame the alcohol)
and fight the good fight
for god and country.
I wish you had a name
that I could call you by
instead of “cock”.
It seems to work though,
you have never complained
about the way you are addressed.

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