The Sinker

This piece isn’t one that I wrote. Instead this was written about me, for me.

I am standing on your shore
stand with me
your waters are dark and I shiver
put your arm around me
this is going to be hard
I’ve tied the sinker to the line
the bait, something I think it will like
writhes on the end of my hook
The line arcs over my head once
catches the winter sunlight and is gone
I watch it sink
into your abyss
of unfathomable loneliness
unimaginable even to me
(which says something)
I am trying to say something
Namely, let’s catch it,
I can only lure it
but only you have the strength to pull it
to the surface
so we can see it
and maybe name it
and then throw it back
because somehow it is a part of the ecosystem
that makes you beautiful.

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