This is how the world ended…

It is falsely assumed that the Provisional People’s Committee was established due to the occupation of the Soviet Union and the introduction of communism, the true motivation for the separatist movement was the discovery of a unicorn lair not far from the city of Pyongyang. The Soviet military discovered the lair in the early days of 1946 and in an effort to keep it a secret, utilized political influence to divide the Korean Peninsula into two separate countries. Soviet scientists were called in to assess the lair and were given orders to isolate unicorn DNA for the Soviet cloning program.

Despite the Soviet cloning program being in its infancy, decisions were made to rush the unicorn DNA through the replication process. Experimentation with equestrian genetics proved sufficient to grow a unicorn/horse hybrid old enough for impregnation and breeding. With four usable subjects produced, the focus was switched to cross breeding the manufactured animals to create a purer form of unicorn. This program operated under the name: Kirin Rebirth.

The combination of horse and unicorn DNA proved to not only make the hybrids more trainable, it increased their physical strength. After 10 years of breeding and testing, the Communist Party had enough trained unicorns to transport a sizable force to the USSR and a small contingent to Cuba while maintaining a strong enough force in North Korea to continue the breeding and training programs. The attempt at placing a number of battle unicorns in Cuba was delayed for a number of years due to the intervention of The United States of America in 1962.

It was discovered that the longevity of the unicorn’s lifespan was decreased during the breeding process, instead of being near immortal it was observed that the average unicorn put through training was able to serve for 8 years before a decline in performance was observed. At that point, the animal was retired and destroyed. Eight years was deemed sufficient time to develop the skills and experience needed to combat the enemies of communism around the world.

An American U-2 spy plane observed the presence of Communist trained unicorns during the late months of 1962. This was the first time the outside world would become aware of the presence of this unknown enemy. It was soon decided that to control the reaction of the global population, the threat of nuclear war would be preferable to the public knowing of a mythical force under the control of the Communist threat. All covert attempts by Western powers to obtain a specimen proved unsuccessful and neither North Korea or the USSR would confirm the presence of the unicorn armies.

With the attentions of Western governments made aware, the decision was made between the USSR and North Korea to bring the Communist Party of China into the unicorn development program. With the introduction of the Chinese, Program Kirin Rebirth was terminated with all records and research being destroyed. The continued development of the unicorn army was relocated to three separate hidden facilities within China. The “Unicorn Lair” in North Korea was sanitized and buried to hide the existence of any proof that the unicorns ever existed. It was decided that North Korea would at that point become isolated from the rest of the world while fellow communist governments would provide aid through indirect channels.

In the early months of 1982 the Communist Party in China began to inject advanced weaponry into the unicorn program and massive amounts of money were brought in from the USSR to develop Operation Dark Skies; specially developed aircraft designed to transport fifty soldiers mounted on armoured unicorns. The soldiers and unicorns were trained together to combat foot soldiers, mechanized units and aircraft. Chinese citizens were brought in from prisons around the country and war simulations were conducted in various places. Five consecutive years of troop experimentation showed that the ideal number of soldier and unicorn teams was 50 fighting within any geographical area. These platoons consistently achieved a 100 percent casualty rate against the enemy while suffering less that a 5 percent casualty rate within the platoon. It was thought that the innate healing properties of the unicorns and the battle training they were given allowed for expert evasive skills and no need for field triage.

With a steadily increasing number of unicorns ready for battle, attention from Western powers grew and the threat of discovery grew to uncomfortable levels for leaders of the Communist Party within China. Despite Chinese protests, Russian generals attempted to bring a platoon of unicorns into Afghanistan during the conflict within that country. Chinese soldiers were able to prevent the theft of the unnamed aircraft developed for Operation Dark Skies, and Communist leaders decided that Russia could no longer be a part of the unicorn army and began the dissolving of the Soviet Union. With the collapse of that government completed in at the end of 1991, only The People’s Republic of China had possession of a sizable number of unicorns. Cuba maintained a small number of earlier specimens but their attempts at breeding proved largely unsuccessful. They attempted to breed them with imported horses and within 2 generations, the offspring were born without horns and tested negative for any mystical qualities. This rendered the animals worthless and once confirmed by Chinese scientists, Cuba was no longer considered a threat to the program.

The Chinese military concluded that Operation Dark Skies was the best method of deployment of unicorn forces and augmented that with Operation Darkened Earth; the establishment of landing zones for imminent deployment of the unicorn army.

Operation Darkened Earth was first put into action against the people of Tibet in the summer of 1996. A single platoon was deployed into the mountains near Lhasa. The first practical application of the army was deemed a success and efforts to isolate the country from the rest of the world proved highly effective.

During the presidency of George W Bush, the Chinese government increased the production of battle unicorns and readied for global deployment. The threat of America being rule by John McCain was seen as a threat too large to not be addressed and Chinese soldiers were loaded into aircraft. The aircraft had been converted into stealth transporters and thirty squadrons of twenty four planes were sent into the air. With the announcement of Barack Obama winning the 2008 election, the planes were recalled and the Communist Party let go of a collective breath they had been holding.

That scenario was replayed when it was unclear that Barack Obama would hold the American Presidency and Mitt Romney was a possible choice for his replacement. Chinese aircraft were again sent into the air and for twenty four hours the release of battle unicorns was a possibility.

For four more years the Chinese government continued their unicorn program and it was only when Barack Obama was ineligible for the US presidency that the Communist Party decided the time to initiate Operations Dark Skies and Darkened Earth was upon them.

Deployment was rapid and within 24 hours of the aircraft taking to the skies thirty six thousand unicorns/soldier teams were on the ground around the world. Former allies of the program were not occupied and the process of their unconditional surrender was started. The targets of the Chinese army were known and suspected nuclear powers. The unicorns and soldiers were not marked with any identifying insignia, simply covered in black armor and using specially designed weapons unseen by people outside of the program.

Europe, North America and Australia were the main focus of the squadrons. One squadron was sent into the Middle East and within 48 hours, the conflict there had been resolved. From Egypt to Afghanistan and from Turkey to Yemen the casualty rate of native people was 98 percent and only 20 percent of Chinese soldiers. Weapon batteries were neutralized and all military threats were eliminated. Chinese tanks and conventional soldiers were flown in to hold the ground.

Africa was fully occupied within 36 hours, only major population centers were targeted. With no unified military or leadership, the casualty rate among Chinese soldiers was zero. African leaders were murdered, as were the populations within developed areas. It is believed there were no survivors in urban areas.

South America was largely left alone, twenty platoons were deployed within that country as an occupying force. No threat was determined to be present. Conventional soldiers were flown in to begin the transition to Communist power.

Europe was systematically brought down within a week. The United Kingdom, Spain and Germany were targeted first and neutralized. Attempts at deploying nuclear weapons in response to the attacks were not possible because it was unclear who they should be targeted at. It took more than four weeks for anyone to recognize and communicate where the attack had originated. With the UK, Spain and Germany no longer a threat, the platoons moved into neighboring areas and saw enemy casualty rates of 98 percent while losing less than a dozen of their own soldiers.

I am unclear how America was hit. We never saw anything coming, all I know is that I was driving home from work when I saw the low flying plane land and the nose of it open up. My initial thought was that I was home in bed and dreaming; horses dressed in black armor bearing armor clad riders holding incredibly large guns in their hands. It wasn’t until my mind had processed all of that, that I saw the horns. They seemed to shine with a light that was impossible in the suddenly darkened skies. I was awestruck, like so many other people around the world. All I could do was sit there and stare as the unicorns began to charge and the soldiers began to fire their weapons.

When I woke up later, my car had been flipped over to the driver’s side and I had to crawl across the seat and climb out of the window. What I saw will forever haunt me, buildings were leveled, people were dead in the streets, some of them without any wounds. I was surrounded by death and I could hear screams in the distance, followed by explosions. the plane was gone and the normal noises of life were absent.

I made my way to a house and found that the power was still on, the Internet was still up and I began to look for answers. It took them over a month to finally cut the power. I was able to find out from people in other countries what had happened around the world. Australia was the last place to lose the ability to communicate before I was cut off. I was not able to reach anyone in America, I don’t know how many survivors there are here but I know that around the world I was in contact with less than a couple of hundred. I cannot imagine that there are less that a few thousand of free people still alive, globally.

Everything I have written here was given to me by those I was in contact with before I lost a way to communicate. I do not know how much is true, if any of it. I know what I have seen though and it all seems to make sense, as much as anything does now. Everything is gone, there is no one near me and I do not know where to go from here. I will start making my way to the coast and hope that I find someone along the way, I know that if I hear the sound of hooves on the ground I may as well consider myself dead.

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