Here are links to friends of mine and their various projects, check them out and discover something new and interesting:

Michael Spurgeon- Author and educator- Website.

David Shorey- Herbalist- Hillcrest Herbs & Magical Apothecary.

Diana Watson- Author- Blog.

Jodi Angel- Author and educator- Website.

Jessica “Meow” Carter- Dancer- Sizzling Sirens Burlesque.

Devin Ritchie- Actor- Blog.

Rachel Shewmaker- Mother, blogger and Virtual Assistant- 30 o’CLOCK and A Helping Hand.

Brett Stults- Writer and activist- 916Ink.

Milene Willboughby- Author and editor- Nocturnal Void Magazine.

Alissa Scott- Counselor- Inclusive Counselling, Consulting & Training.

Rachel Gardner- Author- Greetings From the Wasteland.

Tirstan Sakamoto- Personal Trainer- Train 2 Attain.