the end of light

flicker         flicker flicker         flicker tiny                tiny         flame so quick to burn so quick to die flicker         flicker tiny, tiny flame your death casting darkness where I could once see flicker         flicker wax spilling down, time lost watching you flicker        flicker        flicker your death marks the hour, the darkness rushing in to celebrate your demise


click, click clack click       click tick, tock tip tap click       tap tick, tock tick, tock tip, tap click click click clack tip, tap tip       tap tip               tip tip                             tip tock

Animated Despair

Her affections are manufactured humidity, stagnant smell in a world not fit for the putrid sweetness that announce her presence. She is an animated character, with perfectly drawn lines, scars criss crossing pale flesh, tear drop impressions of blood littering the ground around her feet. Sadness is her air with depression her fuel, we all …

Un known

I seek the unknown and chase what I cannot name into the darkness, I chase it into drunkenness and beyond despair No matter how hard I search it eludes me it escapes me No matter how many legs spread wide or the number of smiles I see Kind, loving words or sharp tongued barbs I …