So much to try to capture in words, I suppose. But, I created the opportunity to do so, which means that I should probably at least try to.

My name is Shawn Lynch, I am from Northern California. I grew up mainly in Placerville, California but spent time in Texas, Germany and Virginia, while my father was in the Army, and then Oregon after he got out and before my parents separated. Which happened when I was around ten years old or so, which sent us back to Placerville with my mother. My teens years were spent mostly in Placerville, with a short stint in Sacramento after my father died. My father’s death put me and my four sisters all living under the same roof again, until I moved back to Placerville to live with an ex-girlfriend and then my Grandma Mavis.

I am a writer; mainly of poetry and short fiction, though I have written two novel manuscripts and am currently working on my first original, feature length screenplay.  My poetry has appeared in multiple editions of The American River Review, a college literary magazine that I spent some time on the staff of as Editor-in-Chief. My poetry has also appeared in Nocturnal Void Magazine. A lot of my writing can be found on this website, as well as on Amazon.

I am also an app and game designer. My projects can be found on my Google Play page for Fatesjoke Studios. Currently I only design for Android but eventually plan on expanding into iOS apps and games.

Really though, I am an introvert that thrives behind the screen of my laptop. I am an ISFJ, not even a little bit but like 100% ISFJ.

What else…I run 5Ks and am hoping to start looking at more competitive runs in the near future, I have recently taken up hiking and camping overnight in various places in Arizona, check out my Youtube channel for video of my adventures…I ride a motorcycle, even if I don’t currently possess the one that I own (long story, kind of related to the move to AZ)…I have four younger sisters and I am the eldest grandchild on both sides of the family…I like Triscuits and Pho.

Anything else, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment here.

*          *           *

I imagine this goes without saying, but I need to do it any way just to cover my own ass; all things written on this site are ©2017 Fatesjoke (except when noted as written by another writer).

Okay, that should cover it.