Tat2X- Ink Armor Sleeves
Rating: 4/5

My chosen career is in the optical field, which is less like the mainstream medical field in regards to adherence to appearance protocol but still a healthcare industry where looking clean and professional while dealing with the public is very important. I have a number of tattoos on my forearms and upper arms and I have had the good fortune in the past of having employers that didn’t really care or that I could wear long sleeve dress shirts year round to hide my tattoos from patients. Moving forward, I needed an alternative to that and searched online for a product that would allow me to wear short sleeved shirts and cover-up my tattoos in a comfortable and visually pleasing way, lest I scare some elderly couple into thinking the optician helping them is an ex-convict (which I am not).

My looking online brought me to a few places that offered solutions to the problem I had but only one struck me as an authentic tattoo oriented one and I needed to make sure that whatever I bought was a product born of a fellow ink lover that found them self in the same situation as I found myself in, which made me decide on Tat2X and their Ink Armor Sleeves. The price tag of $15 per sleeve (for the whole sleeve option) seemed a little high to me when I first saw it, but after reading reviews from people on their site I figured it would be worth it to check one out and see if it was worth the investment, they have a return policy, so if I didn’t like it I would simply get my money back. After ordering a couple of bottle openers to reach their $20 minimum for free shipping, I placed my order and waited for my sleeve to arrive.

Well, it came today and I wore it for a few hours doing a variety of activities to test it out. The first thing I noticed as I slid the sleeve into place was how comfortable it was, I could feel it on my arm but it wasn’t constricting at all, not even the band near my shoulder keeping it in place felt tight. It took about 10 seconds to slide it into position and make sure all the slack was removed. Once I was done it covered from the crease of my wrist up to my armpit. Movement was as easy as if my arm was bare and I lost no mobility in any activity I tried while wearing the sleeve. The one I ordered is black, which of course hid anything that might be on my arm, but judging from the quality and thickness of the nylon/spandex blend, even the white sleeve will do an excellent job of hiding ink covered flesh. When I say “thickness” I do not mean that this product is “thick”, it certainly isn’t. I don’t have a caliper with me but I would guess it is coming in under 1mm, probably somewhere around .75mm.

After wearing the sleeve for about three hours it remained firmly in place and I had actually forgotten I was even wearing it. When I decided to take it off I checked out how it looked on my arm and I was surprised to see that I had a very clean look to it, something that would fit in perfectly with elderly, conservative patients. Random hairs from my arm had made their way through the material and were visible, but I imagine that is more a problem with hair on the arms than it is the product itself. Either way, it wasn’t something that I would want changed if it required a thicker sleeve. The upper band had barely made a dent in my skin and after about 5 seconds there was no sign I had been wearing anything on my arm at all.

I am thrilled to have found a product that fits perfectly with my needs and that I am able to support a company that seems genuinely invested in the tattoo lover community, the product is amazing and well worth the money that is paid. In fact, I am going to place an order for two more. I highly recommend these sleeves to anyone that needs to cover-up their ink, no matter the field or the reason. Hell, next time I have a long drive during the day (I travel between Arizona and California by car fairly often) I am wearing one of these on my left arm just to keep from getting sunburned, and since the sleeves offer 98% UV protection I think they will do just fine.

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