twisty, twisted, twister, twist

you are a street that i have walked one too many times
the scenery never changing,
my steps sounding hollow
in the always present night,
and i get lost in the sameness
that is your being
that is you being
afraid of the dark
afraid to face your fears
and look in the mirror.
surround yourself with mirrors
so that you do not see the cold world,
the cruel world at the end of the street
the street that you are
with the echos of my footfalls
the only sound in the blackness.
the blackness that i see in your soul
that you hide so well
when the moment suits
and you have needs to be met
and once you are fulfilled.
those that fulfill your needs,
those that fill you
and think they feel you, are as lost
as you are in the cold empty darkness
of the street that i still wander,
following the echo of my footfalls.

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