The last dance

Do you remember how it all began?
You were lost and beaten down
by the ghosts of lost loves,
I held you on those cold nights.

I whispered to you of strength,
the power that you held inside
but were afraid to embrace,
I showed you how strong you could be,
I held you until you stood on your own.

Do you remember me telling you,
that I had a singular purpose in your life
and that once you were strong
that I would walk away?

You said, no, that there was more to do,
that we were something out of a book
and we had a future together
that we could not escape and that we must try,
must let our love be realized and true.

We didn’t let the miles separate us,
and in the end they did not,
we wouldn’t let them divide what was so strong,
but the end came and the story was finished.

The future was that day, and the book was burned,
along with the words never written
and the flames looked like red feathers,
ashes falling like down to the dirt below
and there was no need to bury the dead,
because we both still walk the earth
and have willing victims to infect.

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