stained matress

She was sad
       and fat
She was not what I expected
              when I opened the front door
of the apartment I was renting in the city
Yes, I had said I wanted something new
       something not many people asked for
and she was certainly that
              in all of her sad, fat glory.
I told her I was clean
       and she took me at my word
and we drank wine
              and snorted a little cocaine
before we went to the fold-out couch bed
       I drank more wine than she did
she cried more than I did
       I figured she cried for me
because I had welcomed her into where I lived
       but maybe she cried for herself
I suppose I will never know
       she was gone the next morning
              the money on the table too
and I could never again say I hadn’t fucked a pregnant whore

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