Nirvana- Nevermind Collection

Territorial Pissings-

they’re after you.

It’s never a woman
because you’re just
an alien.

When I was better.

Love your brother,
find everybody a smile.
A way to get together,
wise man.

People, another culture.

Come on,
right now,
a better way,
gotta find opinions.


If it’s old,
I don’t care.

“I’m away from home.”
she said, a ghost.

Don’t breed,
we could even mind,
a stare, a care.

Don’t plant a tree,
to build.

Get away, I’m afraid.
Even if you
don’t mean to,
I’m afraid.

Something In The Way-

I’m trapped.

the fish don’t have any feelings.
Something dripping from the ceiling
has sprung the way.
The grass I’m living off of
has become my bridge.

It’s okay,
my pets,
the fish.
Okay, all living.

Stay Away-

Cool monkey
A blind line
One engine
One rhyme
Scratch an inch
Give an itch
Poison stay
Grab at style
Have the monkey
Hear it smile
Throw it in
To keep cool
Blind engine
Have to scratch
(Stay Away)

Come As You Are-

I want you to be
a friend,
an enemy.

you are a trend.
Come as you were.
The choice is
bleach soaked
and doused in mud.

I want you
to be a gun.
I swear,
I don’t rest.

old friend.


I found my head,
I found crack,
I found my god,
I found my friends,
I found Sunday morning.

Everyday candles
light my daze.
Scared mirrors
broke today
‘cause I’m so horny
and I’m so ugly.

That’s ok,
I’m just sad,
maybe to blame.

I’m not sure
but I’m not scared
‘cause I don’t care.

I like,
killed you.

On A Plain-

better than

scratched my love
again ‘til
I bled.

I learned
to command
without words.
So high on a plain,
my memory a dream,
time unclear.

I’ll start the defense
the night I complain
that black sheep
and mother died.

The finest wrong
I ever heard was
every safe love
has forgot it’s sense.

Somewhere, one message
stored to make
myself love better,
“Don’t love home”,
can’t say it’s wrong.

Quote me on
what I should


She wants to get off.
Some rope,
a blow torch,
let me cut you.

Be nice,
her back hurts.
Polly please, untie her.
Let me help.

Please let me have food,
I want some help,

The rope cut her wings,
maybe a dirty ride
would chase Polly
off my guard.

In Bloom-

Pretty songs, sing along.
He likes the weather.

What he knows changes
but not
the tender kids.
Fruit blooms, spring.
He sings,
“nature is here.”

Bruises on a whore,
reproductive age.
Sells moods
for food.

He likes to sing
and shoot
his gun.

Smells Like Teen Spirit-

I entertain us
with a dirty word,
and guns.
My libido,
it’s contagious.

Stupid friends
feel self-assured
and pretend to
always do best.

Little mulatto,
a dangerous gift.
Blessed albino,
now over-bored.

Entertain us mosquito,
always fun.

it’s hard to smile.
Our group,
it’s denial.

Drain You-

I chew you,
for vitamins and fluids.
Your meat,
in my mouth.
Your kiss,
so passionate baby.
I’m your pupil,
with the apple
about my lips.
Completely drain me,
your mouth,
my duty to you.
It is sloppy and
I like you.

Chew your lips,
kiss me baby.

I’m lucky
you’re poison,
a vacuum.
Yellow water.
I travel through,
from a mouth and back.

Lounge Act-

I’ve got
fucking jealousy.
I steal truth,
smother you in security.
Covered in her smell,
I make a pact
on my way to prove
I don’t regret a thing.

a friend.

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