Linkin Park- Hybrid Theory Collection

Points Of Authority-

You love
my broken pride.

Take away my life
and share the hurt
to get back at me.

Forfeit what you’ve learned.

Cover your name,
your shame
you love.


I can’t stop the voice,
it laughs every time
I close my eyes,
it points out all my mistakes,
all that I hold inside.

The face can’t stop
what I’m hearing,
can’t stop the light today.

Everybody acts like
something’s not right
but I know it’s paranoia,
that your face

right beneath my skin.

Pushing Me Away-

I never walked away,
everything falls apart.
Your testing me
has to end.
You’ll never frown,
hiding in a lie.

This is the last smile,
you’re pushing me
to break away.

One Step Closer-

I need to breathe.

All this ignorance,
and I find bliss.
Everything you say
take me closer
to nothing.

The answers disappear,
when I break.

shut up
go away.

I’m closer to
the edge
and when
I’m talking to you
all these thoughts
make no sense.

A Place For My Head-

I don’t want to
step on people like you do.
I’m sick of this,
the act
and the greed,
I want a place for my head.

Your welcome is worn out,
turn around
go away.

I’ll be in another place.
You don’t understand
and I hate when you
ask me to be calm.

I watch you do favors,
be generous
and I should’ve known
the enemy is you.

By Myself-

What do I do by myself?
I find nobody to trust
and these bad dreams
are maddening.

Daily, I put on my facade,
get fooled by my instincts to ignore
my pride and end up
getting hurt again.

Buried in the loneliness but,
the phoniness is behind me.
I’m watching everything spin
but in my mind
I’m defenseless and senseless.

I try to hold on
but the silence is a cancer.
I blindly give in
and find myself killed
by the sad thoughts.


Under a constant
wave of tension,
on top of the lessons
that you taught me,
I find myself
guilty by association
and I wanna run away.

Angry graffiti,
shut my mind and
open the sky.
I find myself
wondering why
the answers
were broken.

Question my point,
never say goodbye.


The ups and downs,
acidic rain dripping
from the dark skies.

Crumpled paper of a memory,
the perfect picture of
chain-link and concrete,
the sunset
like pollution.

Eyes burning,
darkness won’t escape me.

I can’t care,
I’m screaming, telling you
I see right through you.


Fear is crawling
beneath my skin.

Something inside is consuming
and confusing me.
Against my will
I find myself pulled,
before these wounds heal.

With You-

Your face promised,
your voice painted,
a dream of tomorrow.

Now I see
in my memories,
so distant
and pretending.

Today the fine line
isn’t real.
I feel you hit me
and we rest
between hypocrisy
and the mistake.

Still on the floor,
I pretend
you’re close to me.

In The End-

I put my trust in you
to recognize me,
but in the end
I was part of your property,
all wasted in time.

I’m surprised,
it got so far
but the pendulum swings
and it fell apart.

I will eventually be
a memory.

The fall,
you mocking me,
everything designed to end.

(It starts with),
and all I know is
it doesn’t even

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