God’s poltergeist

She cries at my words,
dreams of what once was
and chases God’s poltergeist.
I smile at her,
hand moving hair from face
and say with a look what words fail to.
The adventure is in the journey,
destination means there is an end
and I refuse to be missed
when the moments can still be held.

She dances in the moonlight,
thinking of white picket fences
and counting stars in the sky.
I keep her from falling,
safe from the troll in the dark
and pull her close to me.
I whisper into her ear not to miss me,
when the time comes for us to part,
that I am always there, close by
even if it is in the lessons learned.

She whom causes the angles to quake,
eyes fixed far into the future
and holding tightly to the past.
I am from a darker place,
entranced by her shining beauty
and victim to what can not be.
Hold tight to these days
because tomorrow may see them end,
and while they are never gone
there is more to be shared.

Hold steady the course,
keep your heart open,
knowing that I only want
a small piece of what you are.
Save the rest for him,
the one you have not yet met,
and know that your happiness
was always the destination.

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