City streets at night

I am done with perfection,
so try and be cool,
we’ll never feel bad anymore.
No, there is no other one,
it’s in the photograph.

I’m tired, so tired,
and I will be studying
the lesson in my dreams.
It’s going to kill
when you desert me,
the truth is
I don’t stand a chance.
Who put on your heart?

That which might hurt you.

You’re the lucky one,
I’m the lucky one.
I’ll eat my candy,
with the pork and beans.

Lead and try, tell me why!
Watch me unravel.
You know
it makes me sad,
to see her like that.
Don’t look now
but I lost my shoe,
I’ll soon be naked.

I’m spread so thin,
I’ve come undone.

So, enjoy the show.

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