Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I can finally
look at you
and not see her,
hold you in my arms
without feeling her touch,
hear your voice
absent hers echoing.

Now you are your own,
I am now mine.

We both bare the scars
that will remind us
of the time that was,
was all and nothing,
that was too brief
but forever lasting.

Now is the time
to let birds fly free,
search for spoons
and drive into the night
into a cloud of amber.

We shall never forget,
where this all began.
The park and awkward silence,
evaluations and judgement.
Protecting what we once
were both in love with.
A love that is still there
but never able to be
what it once was.

This love,
forbidden as the last.
No need to look in the mirror,
we know the image that is seen.
Her ghost will be there,
her eyes staring back
filled with the pain of what
we have all lost.

and I
and her
have all made our choices
and suffered our pains
and nursed our wounds
to heal in our own ways,
and while chapters have ended
and others began,
the book remains the same
and the stories will play out,
even if no one reads what is written.

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