Bearing Witness to Corruption…

I bear witness to…
impotent ideals
held by incompetent men,
speaking incoherent rhetoric
that falls on deaf ears.
I bear witness to…
the collapse of power,
too long held by the fear
of death and destruction,
of lies and corruption.
I bear witness to…
a future demanded
by the worker bees
of a nation,
held under thumb for too long.
I bear witness to…
the betrayal
of life, liberty and satisfaction;
of the American way,
and I witness one hand reaching out
in a gesture of love and friendship,
while the other hand lies in wait,
to strike an exposed back.
I bear witness to…
another day, removed from
the suffering of people I
do not know, in a land I
will never set foot on.
I consider gasoline costing
$4.10 a gallon and push aside
thoughts of people surviving
on less than $2.00 a day.

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