Bearing Witness in AZ

I bear witness to a different culture,
like living in another country,
where skin color and sexuality define a person,
of willful ignorance and hurtful actions.

I bear witness and am subjected to,
a redneck calling a man a “flaming homosexual”
right before she climbs into her lifted F-350
and burns a gallon of fuel starting the engine.

I bear witness to “Vote for Palin” stickers more often
then I am witnessing “Human Rights Campaign” decals,
I am seeing more anger in the citizens of this city,
than I do love or even humanity in their eyes.

I bear witness to signs for the “Biggest Gun Show”,
in this immigrant hating state taking place on a day
that marks the death of thousands in 2 buildings
that were brought down by a hatred mirrored in the eyes
of people walking into stores with signs that say
“No Firearms Allowed”.

I bear witness to my silent complacency,
born of fear of being outnumbered and outgunned,
waiting for a revolution of thought in a desert full
of separation and ignorance.

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