another sleepless night

I saw her on the street
turned around and told her to get in
she took the money
and asked what I wanted her name to be
so I gave her your name,
saw your face in her looks
and your body
instead of hers

I took her back to my rented room
and watched as she undressed
she asked me about myself,
I told her I was a nomad
moving from town to town

She smiled at that and reached an arm out
I let her touch me, imagining that it was you
your hand on the skin of my thigh
your fingers running nails across the flesh

I do not remember what happened next
the room grew full of shadows
and the sweat began to drip
from my body to your body
and I heard your moans in the darkness

I opened my eyes to find the body still
chest not rising,
not falling
she had grown stiff and blue
cold to the touch
with a smile still painted on her face

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