Changing Seasons

The winter of my happiness
saw the frost penetrate to my core.
Another season passing
to mark another cycle
of my life.
It always goes this way though,
doesn’t it?
Spring gives birth and life,
summer a time to celebrate
and bask in the sunlight of bliss,
as we wait for the inevitable
coming of the fall.
A fall from the highs
into the lows of being human.
The passing of happiness
casting longer shadows on the pavement
as we walk toward the winter,
where all that has lived
hides from the frigid winds
of change, waiting for the frost
to settle on the remains
of promises that once had meaning.
In the deep of winter
the chapters close so that new ones
can be written and as the darkness falls
we remember that even in the depths
of the coldest nights
we struggle to survive
so that we may see another spring
and feel a new love.

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