Saying goodbye

I am not her Prince Charming,
she will never be my queen.
I feel all the right things
and have said all the right words,
held her tight
and told her that I love her,
promised her that it would all be worth it,
that I would do everything to make her happy
if she only gave me that chance.
But this love isn’t meant to be
and she loves another more than she loves me,
or maybe my words just fall flat
and the past paints a better picture of the future
than my brush is capable of.
Shattered glass heart
slicing fingers to ribbons
dripping blood as I bind
the wounds tight
with the torn remnant of
what could have been.
She is so far away now
but it doesn’t really matter.
Even if she were here,
with me,
part of her would be missing
and there would be suffering
for both of us.
The future isn’t made for me and her
and I think she knew that
before I could accept it.
The time has come to walk away,
the tears have already been shed,
our die has been cast
and all we have to do is say it,
that our time has come,
all we have to say now, is

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