I saw her the other day,
wearing the sunglasses I made for her
back when we were just friends.
She was with him,
and I felt sad for all three of us.
That this is where we were
in relation to each other;
her driving him to work,
him believing that his fate is different,
me sitting there silently
as she pulled to the curb to let him out.
Shaven head and full beard,
he was opening the car door
before she had even stopped the car
and she looked around
as if she felt my presence.
But she couldn’t see me
behind the glass wall where I sat.
I watched her as you would watch a shark,
behind thick glass, amazed that such a creature
could move so smoothly from prey to prey.
And with a glint of light on those
overly large eyes, the shark was gone,
back into the murky depths of an environment
not meant for men to live in,
her senses searching for the scent of blood,
her body unable to stay still
for fear that she drown
in the world that she had created.

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