Why Fatesjoke?

I began using the moniker “Fatesjoke” in 2003 with an email address that I set-up (I think at the time it was Yahoo), at the time I thought it was really just a clever combination of words. Over time, the more I thought about the name the more I liked it and as events of life played out the name seemed more than fitting.

I realize now that me picking this name was “fate”.

To me, Fatesjoke means that no matter what direction my life is taking, there is always a chance that anything and everything can change in an instant, that no matter what I think is fated for me will be taken away as if it were a joke. Or maybe there is some cosmic entity that we think of as “Fate” and I am an amusing character on this time/space game board for this entity to waste time on.

The funny thing is, I do not believe in destiny or the idea that things are preordained, at all. I do however strongly believe in the impermanence of all things; that we should live in the moment and appreciate what we have while we have it, never expecting it to last forever. So, while I may be the joke of some cosmic being, I expect to experience loss and try to make sure that I am fully living in the moment at all times.

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