“Modest is Hottest”

Mother…fucking…”Brother” Dean Saxton (or you can find him on Facebook as Dean Elijah Samuel IV no longer an active profile). I originally wanted to go down to Tucson (because I really don’t live that far away) to pay him a visit this weekend and let him know that he deserves to get raped (by me, at that moment). I mean, I am pretty sure I found his address or at least that of a family member. I decided against it though, never mind the moral and legal consequences of anally raping some ignorant Christian, my larger concern is the fact that he would actually use that action as some perverted validation of his misguided mission.

I also considered going down there, finding him, beating the shit out of him and putting him out of commission for a little while (in my head I justified the violence I would commit as an easing of others suffering through the suffering of one), like my friend Jon so perfectly suggested: “So if women wearing provocative clothing deserve to be raped, does that mean that men making provocative statements deserve to get their asses kicked? And by following that logic, since they made the request, the beating is consensual and therefore not a legal infraction?” But the reality is that you cannot legally consent to a crime being committed against you, so it would not get me out of the legal predicament that would surely follow.

So, I am going to write about “Brother” Dean instead and do my best to make sure he sees this. I realize that attention is all that he probably wants. That my posting about him is like giving a 3 year child that is throwing a temper tantrum the attention that they crave. I also realize that attacking him is only going to bolster what meager self satisfying justifications that he has in his mind to carry on his hateful and ignorant “preaching”. I don’t care though, let him take some satisfaction from this, let him masturbate in front of the computer as he is verbally flagellated. And I hope that when he cums all over his keyboard it occurs to him that a man just made him ejaculate.

On to the verbal lashing-

This dude has a “testimony” on his WordPress. I don’t know if he wrote this and never went back and looked at the words but here is what I got from reading it: The pastor at my church was truly a “godly” man, but he wouldn’t join me on the mission that god spoke to me about. So, I found this dude Bro Jed (apparently the title Brother can be shortened if you are a true believer) and after 39 years he was ready to give up his position as the local Christian crazy. I had watched what he was doing and thought “I could totally get chicks giving me seductive looks” and realized this was what god had called me to do. I went to Europe where female foxes chased me in Florence and amazingly (not a miracle from god) I did not get arrested (or anally raped). I plan on returning to Europe to preach more, but first I want to cleanse the college campuses of America (mainly because they are public property and I cannot be beat or arrested). I have a Youtube channel and accept donations, Bro Jed was good at begging for money.

Man, talk about some misguided fucking life quest. Your pastor didn’t approve of your actions, a homeless doomsday prophet was your mentor and you really just want to get laid. You are a fucking joke, kid.

The latest video on “Brother” Dean’s blog is about his “you deserve rape” sign. Now, he says this was a “violent preach”…now this strikes me as a very unChristian thing to set out for. I don’t remember Christ ever saying that provoking violence in his name was something he was cool with. So, in the first 27 seconds of his video he is already negating his Christian message. He continues though, he does a really good job of propping himself up and seeking glory, while not passing any of that glory along to his god. Anyway, he goes on in this video to vilify feminists to a large degree, calling them feminazis and whores. He calls all Christian females that do not dress modestly Apostates and the majority of Christians are “luke-warm Christians”. It would seem that only he and “Sinless Sara” (surely not her real name) are the true chosen of Christ, all the other Atheists are going to HELL!!!

In the video before that he attacks homosexuality. This is a nice long 10 minute video where he seems fairly drunk on the University of Arizona campus. His understanding of sexually transmitted disease is pretty poor, as he says that homosexual sex leads to venereal disease. I think that is largely attributed to a lack of sexual education in the schools that he has gone to, and maybe being raised a Christian (yes, his family is all on Facebook as well and they have a long line of Christian education and ideology). According to his video he is the most “sexually secure” person around and the “most people do not even know what a real woman is”. Really though, the video is humorous as fuck. In fact, most of this guy’s videos seem like they are satirical if you take them by themselves and aren’t aware that this guy believes (or at least acts as if he believes) all of this shit. For fucks sake he points at the ground next to him and declares it a “sodomy free zone”. I suggest everyone watch a few of his videos and enjoy the chaos.

As for the guy himself; he is extremely judgmental and delusional. He seems to be incredibly narcissistic and focused on himself though he hides behind the apron of his god. A god, I might add, that he rarely glorifies or praises, he only seems to mention god when he is trying to justify his hate speech. He stands on the campus of a non-Christian state college, wearing his designer clothing and holding professionally made signs all the while preaching about the faults of the people around him, because he is better than they are.

Having watched a number of his videos and read what there is on his site, this dude has only the faintest grasp on the Bible and what he purports to believe. He uses the Bible as a weapon, not to save people but to insult them and throw mud in their face so that he is glorified and risen above the meager masses.

I have had public debates with Christians. I have done it at Prop 8 rallies where they were there en mass and I have done it at numerous pro-gay rallies. I have always been tested in my biblical knowledge and given the opportunity to share my thoughts, I have ALWAYS been told by Christians at these events that they love me and pray for me and only want me to see the way to god. Now, that is offensive to me but I respect their adherence to their faith and part of that is loving your neighbor, even if they do not agree with you. This “Brother” Dean doesn’t do that, he doesn’t say that he loves those around him, he says that he feels sorry for them because they don’t have any friends, only he has “real” friends (as he stands alone with someone holding the camera). I want to point out here the total of “1” people following his blog.

From this “True Christian Preacher of the Righteous” blog:

Too many girls wear these SEX shorts, that make them look like whores. If you act like a whore, dress a like a whore then don’t get mad when you get treated like a whore. Feminists, fat lesbians, and whores get raped, abused, and mistreated. You judge a tree by its fruit, I’m a normal college guy calling you my fellow college students out! You need to repent, change! Or you will go to hell forever, this life is finite, please change…or face the consequences.

Okay, I think I have said all I really can about “Brother” Dean without being redundant. I wonder though, do all major universities have a guy like this? I have never encountered one before, never heard of anyone quite like this asshat. I have been on quite a few college campuses and have seen the guys preaching, they were pretty harmless though and not nearly as volatile or nonsensical as this gem. If you have seen this guy before or someone like him, what did you do? What came of it?

I appreciate the 1st Amendment and I know this guy is able to do this because of that right. I don’t blame the Constitution for this one, I blame his parents and a faulty religion.

If by some chance you see this, “Brother” Dean, can we please arrange a private debate? We can meet halfway between Tucson and Phoenix and both record it for our respective audiences? I would love the opportunity to debate religious points with you and maybe even see the light of the one true god. You can even be drunk if you want, it seems to be how you like to perform.

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