Ignorance armed with pork paint

A recent Huffington Post article was brought to my attention this morning; the article covers a new product being offered to Americans that want to “protect” themselves from the Islamic threat facing our poor citizens, this new product offers to send Islamic terrorists to Hell by coating ammunition with paint infused with pork. It is called Jihawg ammo and sadly it is very, very real. With over 4,000 likes already on Facebook, this product shows the immense ignorance of the “gun rights” culture in America and the arrogance of religious radicalism our country embodies.

Guess what people, Islam does not condemn a soul for inadvertently coming into contact with pork any more than Christianity condemns a person for inadvertently telling a lie. So, loading your AR-15 with rounds covered in pork paint isn’t going to have this “peaceful” “deterrent” effect that the company promotes.

From the manufacturer’s website: “To provide a true and complete defensive deterrent to those who violently act in the name of Islam”. This is their mission statement. They have created munitions  that are specifically designed and marketed at a group of people that they obviously have little to no understanding of a major world religion. Then there are the targets that they offer for sale; a pig dressed in the stereotypical garb of an Arab terrorist. This is a company that is capitalizing on the fear of Americans that do not take the time to educate themselves.

The website talks about “forcing peace upon Jihadists” and exercising your 2nd Amendment right. They justify their fearmongering capitalistic goal by saying that they originally protested the building of a mosque at Ground Zero following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They are based in Idaho with all of their products made in America. Do they have libraries in Idaho? Can these people do some research and learn about the people they are bent on singling out for murder with “unclean” bullets?

These people, and those that are going to support this product, are a disgusting example of American fear and ignorance. You want to know why Americans are thought of poorly around the world? Ignorant asshole like the ones at South Fork Industries Inc.

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