Road Trip Bingo

Keep the kids (or yourself) entertained on the road with Road Trip Bingo!!

Road Trip Bingo is designed to keep the player interested in the environment around them as they search their surroundings for items to stamp on their bingo board. The 5X5 grid ensures that a careful eye is needed to find everything they’ll need to earn that bingo.

Multiple game play styles including state license plates, vehicle colors, vehicle types and city objects.

A variety of stamps and colors to fit the player so that everyone has their own style when playing.

Set the bingo goal for Snacks or Treats to give your young child something to work toward as they’re playing.

Capture a screenshot to show how well they did on their game board.

Stat tracking and an automatic save feature to allow for nap time and battery recharging.

No ads and only one in app purchase to unlock all gameplay styles!

Link to Google Play store listing.

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