Exit Code

Prepare. Focus. Adjust. Survive. Can you select the party that will last?Exit Code is a puzzle game of strategy and logic.

Each scenario presents a unique situation with specific challenges that finds humanity facing certain extinction, unless you can select the correct party to solve the puzzles and overcome the obstacles that you encounter.

In Exit Code, the obvious isn’t always the solution and no one is what they seem on the surface.

The potential candidates for your team each have something to offer the group, but at the same time any one person may prove to be the weakest point and doom all of humanity to death.

You must select nine people to join your team. Nine potential saviors or nine potential threats. Everyone has value and everyone has secrets.

Starting with a single scenario, Exit Code explores the value of sound decisions being made and the willingness to explore and adapt.

Exit Code features:
Google Play achievements
Saved games
Token purchases and token rewards for in-game resources
Multiple paths to complete scenarios
Scenario results and score

Link to Google Play store listing.

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